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   Tree work at Breachwood Green    10 May, 2020

Following the arboricultural survey, urgent tree work is underway at Breachwood Green recreation ground.

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   Covid-19 Community Help Line    19 March, 2020

In association with Acorn Preservation Co, courtesy of County and District Councillor David Barnard, the Parish Council has set up a help line to put local volunteers in touch with those needing help.

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   High Speed Broadband in Youth Hut    10 February, 2020

The parish council has upgraded the WiFi in the Breachwood Green youth hut to a 50mb/s high speed link.

The signal also reaches the village hall, and the council is in discussuion woth the Village Hall committee to share the link.

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   New Kings Walden Parish Council website launched    20 January, 2020

The new Kings Walden Parish Council website has been launched.

The new website includes lots of information about the Parish Council and the local area. Read on to find out more...

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   Kings Walden Parish Council website accessibility statement    19 January, 2020

Kings Walden Parish Council has published a website accessibility statement...

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